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The Light Denied

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Front Cover

Contents and Introduction A Cuckoo in Scholarship's Nest

Chapter 1 Parable as Illustration: A Theoretical Basis

Chapter 2 A Speech-Form Analysis

Chapter 3 Parable: As Illustration in the Gospels

Chapter 4 The third Way: Funk's Metaphor Model

Chapter 5 The Third Way: Witherington's Wisdom Model

Chapter 6 The Third Way: Wright/Bailey Community-Storytelling Model

Chapter 7 Parable as Reactive Discourse

Chapter 8 Parable: as On-the-Level Discipline

Chapter 9 Parable: 'Interpretation'

Chapter 10 Parable and the Isaianic Light Theme

Chapter 11 Twentieth Century Historians and the Demonstration/Exposure Pattern

Chapter 12 A Challenge to Historians

Chapter 13 The Exposure Pattern and the Death of Jesus

Appendix A Analysis of Rabbinic Stories

Appendix B Gospel Parables Delivering Ideological Medssages

Appendix C Wright's Handling of Gospel Parables

Appendix D Parables from the Greco-Roman World

Appendix E The Demonstration/Exposure Pattern in Twentieth Century Histories of Jesus



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